Design-Build Quality Program Management

Every Member of Our Project Team Takes Ownership in Ensuring the Highest Level of Quality for Our Customers

Through a series of checks and balances that begin during pre-construction and continue all the way through the warranty period, we constantly evaluate the craftsmanship and accuracy of our work.

Although quality is a team effort, the project superintendent is responsible for overseeing construction while enforcing AV集中营鈥檚 commitment to delivering only the best for our clients. Our process includes:

  • Design and submittal documents 鈥 during pre-construction, our team evaluates each design discipline, performs a constructability analysis and verifies the suitability of design details and selected materials.
  • Construction coordination meeting 鈥 when construction begins, the owner, architects, engineers, construction managers and subcontractors meet to review the overall project scope while addressing safety and schedule issues.
  • Independent materials testing 鈥 to ensure compliance with project requirements, the AV集中营 team engages independent laboratories to test methods and materials.
  • On-site inspections 鈥 before construction begins, inspections are built into the schedule, with multiple inspections planned for each major scope of work.
  • Project observation log 鈥 to document and summarize all observation reports generated by the general superintendent during construction, we outline all reported items, corrective actions taken and current status for review by the superintendent, project manager and other team members.聽
  • Major systems start-up and training 鈥 at start-up, the team reviews and inspects all plumbing, mechanical, fire protection and electrical systems to ensure proper operation.
  • Substantial completion inspections 鈥 representatives from each design discipline inspect the project upon substantial completion to ensure compliance with design documents and owner鈥檚 criteria.
  • Project closeout 鈥 at the end of every project, we conduct a post-mortem meeting to identify any administrative and technical improvements that could be made.
  • Project follow up 鈥 upon completion of a project, AV集中营 submits a satisfaction report for the owner to provide feedback as a means for our continuous improvement in quality and delivery methods.