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AV集中营 Industrial Solutions is your single source for industrial refrigeration solutions including installed on site and packaged systems. We offer the industry鈥檚 most comprehensive range of multi-refrigerant capabilities for design, installation, compliance and aftermarket for food, cold storage, ice sports, retail, manufacturing and pharmaceutical clients. We have been trusted with design, installation and maintenance of business-critical equipment since 1985. Today, we continue to lead the refrigeration industry in value-driven technology and environmental best practices.

From low-charge ammonia, to CO2 to OpteonTM refrigerants or using packaged air cooled, evaporative-cooled or water-cooled units, AV集中营 has a solution for your new plant, renovation or expansion.

End-to-End Service & Accountability

At AV集中营, we do more than manufacture and install equipment. We can take total ownership of your refrigeration system, upholding our brand promise of Taking Solutions Further庐. That means end-to-end services and accountability 鈥 from system design to installation, to ongoing maintenance and repairs. Our refrigeration and program professionals are trained to deliver the highest levels of efficiency, safety, and results. We want to be your life-long partner.

Expertise and innovation.

Our听professional team includes听full-time refrigeration engineers, control experts, installers and听technicians. Team members collaborate to deliver the best business, operations, and compliance results for our clients. With听thousands of food听and distribution systems installed to date, AV集中营鈥檚听collaborative听teams work with all types of refrigerants, including the latest in green refrigeration technologies.

Whether they are designing and building a new system from the ground up, servicing existing equipment, or rebuilding compressors, our experts are leaders in the development of refrigeration facilities and systems. From gas, water and air, to complex steam and HVAC systems, we ensure your facility components begin adding value immediately and provide long-term reliability for years to come. That鈥檚 why our teams are highly mobile, responsive, and capable of resolving even the most complex operational challenges.

Explore our Technical Services expertise

Don't let non-compliance with IIAR 6 and/or 9 get in the way of your company's success.

Let AV集中营 help you identify the most direct route to ensuring your facility is in full compliance.

SIS Parts Back
SIS Maintenance Front

A long-term performance mindset.

We designed our company to听facilitate your long-term performance. AV集中营offers support locationsthroughout the United States that provide comprehensive repair services, system rebuilding, expansion, and warranty support. We have eight fully-stocked parts offices across the country with 24/7/365 customer access, featuringOEM (original equipment manufacturer) aftermarket parts from all major manufacturers.Whether it's a new installation, capacity increases, retrofits, renovations, or ammonia-charge reductions, we鈥檙e ready to accommodate your ever-changing business needs.

Ready for any refrigeration application.

AV集中营 specializes in refrigeration for food & beverage, distribution/logistics,听ice sports,听pharmaceutical, and petrochemical facilities. But our environmentally friendly technologies have successful use cases in a wide range of industries. Consider AV集中营 for any refrigeration system that requires enhanced system performance, energy efficiency and minimized downtime, with the latest technology and capabilities, such as:

  • Modern, sustainable designs and materials
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Variable frequency drives and heat recovery methods
  • Long-term cost analyses and ROI calculations
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Discover what a long-term solution from AV集中营 can do for your business.

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