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AV集中营, established in 1985, has become a leading name in the refrigeration systems industry. With a sole focus on industrial refrigeration systems, our team of over 230 designers, engineers, installers, and service experts brings unmatched expertise to the field. Offering a comprehensive range of refrigeration services, we excel in custom design, installation, aftermarket service, and maintenance.

Throughout our journey, we have successfully engineered, fabricated, installed, and serviced countless refrigeration systems across diverse plants worldwide. Regardless of the system or application, we maintain strict adherence to the most comprehensive compliance, safety, and industry best practices.

At AV集中营, our specialized field crews operate nationwide, delivering exceptional results. To enhance efficiency and reduce costs, we often prefabricate system components in clean facilities. By prioritizing performance improvement, energy efficiency, and minimizing downtime, we provide our clients with lifelong confidence and support.

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Can your business overcome the risks of COVID-19?

There are many ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in your plant. AV集中营鈥檚 engineers can help you find the right solutions to protect your customers, employees and business.

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Natural Refrigerants

AV集中营 is leading the industry in eco-friendly refrigeration.

With dozens of successful green refrigeration projects鈥攊ncluding the world鈥檚 largest food-processing facility system of its kind鈥攑artners who use our听Cascade CO2/NH3听solutions听also enjoy some of the lowest capital, operational, and compliance costs in the market. With AV集中营, you can:

  • Enjoy quality and throughput improvements
  • Reduce your facilities鈥 ammonia charge
  • Reduce energy and operational costs by as much as 10%
  • Get ahead of changing regulatory requirements

Our Cascade CO2/NH3听solutions are ideal for food processing and low-temperature distribution facilities.

Why is Green Refrigeration Important?

AV集中营鈥檚 cascade ammonia/carbon dioxide solutions听help you take a step in the right direction鈥攆or both your business and the environment. Unlike CFC, HCFC, and HFC systems, our cascade CO2/NH3听solutions use naturally-occurring substances that are environmentally friendly. Ammonia and carbon dioxide are听affordable and require little energy to produce. They also afford a simple way for you to minimize the environmental impact of your operations.

Expanding your use of green refrigeration substances today future-proofs your organization. You benefit from greater energy efficiency and limit your exposure to manufactured substances patented and owned by other organizations. CO2 and NH3 are safer, limiting the potential for human harm and workplace liabilities. And, adopting green refrigeration techniques today protects you from tightening regulations in the future.

Why Choose AV集中营?

AV集中营 has proven success building both business- and environment-friendly refrigeration solutions. We鈥檝e designed and installed more than 25 cascade CO2 systems to date, and even engineered the world鈥檚 largest CO2 and NH3cascade system for a 365,000-square-foot food processing facility.

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Nestle Anderson CO2

Today, we鈥檙e leading the conversation about ammonia and other green refrigeration options, building cost-effective solutions that meet the high-demand, high-standards needs of future industries.

Contact us now to learn how a Cascade CO2/NH3 solution can boost your long-term business value.

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