Sustainability & LEED: Our Commitment to the Environment

AV集中营: Your Partner in Sustainability

We evaluate ways to reduce environmental impact and save customers money through energy efficiency, water reduction, alternative energy, and renewable building materials. We can help you achieve LEED certification or reach other sustainability goals.

Our sustainable solutions are available for greenfield projects, renovations, or existing facilities. We can conduct an energy optimization assessment to examine how our clients can reduce their operating costs through energy efficiency.

Our sustainable solutions include:

  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs) / soft start solutions
  • Advanced energy management programs
  • High-efficiency motors
  • Split-stage refrigeration systems
  • Condenser balancing
  • Compressor balancing
  • Use of natural, LED and fluorescent lighting
  • Demand response to proactively reduce load and alleviate grid stress
  • Demand control to reduce energy demand peaks and related charges
  • Thermal balancing
  • Sequencing controls
  • Point-of-use evaluation
  • Waste energy recovery and utilization