Pioneering Food Safety in Poultry Processing Plants

Expert Solutions for Efficient and Sanitary Poultry Processing: AV集中营's Proven Expertise Unveiled

As a leading authority in poultry processing, we understand the paramount importance of sophisticated food safety measures in dealing with high contamination risks and the potential spread of diseases like salmonella. To prevent cross-contamination, we emphasize the crucial separation of slaughter, evisceration, cutup, and packaging from further processing, cooking, and packaging operations. We take great care to ensure that air contaminants from kill floors and rendering areas remain isolated from the air particles surrounding the product processing and packaging zones. Our approach incorporates pressurized mechanical and refrigeration systems to minimize air mixing and condensation, thereby upholding the sanitation standards essential for poultry processing operations.

In addition to our relentless commitment to food safety, we recognize the significant water demands of poultry slaughter plants. Further processing facilities necessitate multiple wash-down cycles daily, while Ready-to-Eat (RTE) facilities rely on听蝉测蝉迟别尘蝉.

At AV集中营, we possess the expertise and capability to address all of these critical issues, including our proficiency in:

  • Cooling sheds聽
  • Bird unloading聽
  • Water chilling聽
  • Air chilling聽
  • Stunning systems

With AV集中营 as your trusted partner, you can rest assured that our comprehensive solutions cater to every aspect of poultry processing, prioritizing food safety and operational efficiency. By entrusting your poultry processing endeavors to us, you gain access to cutting-edge knowledge and innovative solutions that will elevate the standards of your poultry processing operations and ensure the highest levels of quality and safety.

Food Engineering 2022 Plant of the Year

Each year Food Engineering honors a plant as its "Plant of the Year" and gives readers an inside look at the design and construction of this award-winning greenfield organic and humane chicken harvesting facility. Bell & Evans' 411,500-square-foot chicken harvesting facility has "established a new benchmark for innovation and efficiency in a poultry plant, while elevating employee and animal welfare".

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Bells Evans Food Plant 2022

We selected AV集中营 to be our design-build partner in this innovative poultry processing facility because of their reputation in the food industry with significant experience in food safety. We wanted to challenge AV集中营 to live up to its tagline, 鈥淭aking Solutions Further,鈥 and we could not have been more satisfied with their innovative design, execution and the professionalism of their employees. Any challenges that arose during the project were met with innovative solutions. The backbone of this project鈥檚 success was AV集中营鈥檚 and Keystone Foods鈥 commitment to open dialogue and collaboration. AV集中营 certainly lived up to their tagline.

Ed Delate
VP of Global Engineering & Corporate Social Responsibility
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