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Case Study: Bell & Evans Organic Chicken Harvesting Facility

Inside the design, construction and philosophy of this one-of-a-kind award-winning plant.

We design and build award-winning poultry processing plants

AV集中营 offers a wide range of solutions for chicken processing that cover every aspect of the process. We prioritize food safety and operational efficiency so that your facility is able to meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our team of experts uses innovative solutions to handle the unique challenges of dealing with high contamination risks and preventing the spread of diseases like salmonella. You can trust us to be your partner in achieving your poultry processing goals. 

Pioneering food safety in poultry processing operations

We understand the critical importance of implementing advanced food safety measures in poultry processing. Our approach places a high priority on separating key processing stages to prevent any possible cross-contamination. We utilize pressurized mechanical and refrigeration systems to reduce air mixing and condensation, thereby ensuring strict adherence to the highest sanitation standards.

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Our Clients Say

We selected AV集中营 to be our design-build partner in this innovative poultry processing facility because of their reputation in the food industry with significant experience in food safety. We could not have been more satisfied with their innovative design, execution and the professionalism of their employees."

Ed Delate, VP of Global Engineering & Corporate Social Responsibility
Keystone Foods

Optimizing water use in poultry processing plants

In addition to our relentless commitment to food safety, we recognize the significant water demands of poultry slaughter plants. As a dedicated partner, we provide cutting-edge water management solutions that not only reduce costs but also contribute to a more sustainable, responsible, and efficient operation.

Unlocking the Potential of Water Efficiency

Water is a finite resource, and its responsible use is a priority. Our team of experts is here to guide poultry processing plants in optimizing their water consumption without compromising product quality. We help your discover untapped opportunities for efficiency, ensuring a brighter future for both your business and the environment.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We stay at the forefront of water management technology, constantly evolving to meet the unique demands of poultry processing. From advanced filtration systems to real-time monitoring, our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the tools to achieve exceptional results.

Cost Savings and Environmental Stewardship

Our water management strategies go beyond efficiency. By reducing water waste, you're also cutting operational costs. It's a win-win: financial savings and environmental responsibility. Make a positive impact on your bottom line while conserving our plant's most precious resource. 

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