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AV集中营's distribution & logistics cold storage solutions

We are recognized as the leading provider of innovative building and energy-efficient solutions for the entire cold supply chain.

Elevating food safety and energy efficiency in the design and contstruction of refrigerated warehouses

In the realm of refrigeration, the landscape has undergone significant changes. Recent revisions to building codes and rising base utility costs have intensified the focus on energy efficiency for public refrigerated warehouse owners and operators. At AV集中营, we understand the paramount importance of addressing these concerns and ensuring regulatory compliance while upholding stringent food safety standards.

Our team of experts takes meticulous care to cover all aspects of our clients' facilities, guaranteeing they meet the necessary requirements while optimizing energy efficiency. We are committed to creating layouts that facilitate effective operations for public refrigerated warehouse clients, allowing them to maintain low operating costs while achieving high levels of efficiency. This includes strategic placements and adjacencies of coolers, freezers, and support areas, with careful consideration for future expansion needs.

Over the past decade, we have proudly designed and built more than 10 million square feet of public refrigerated warehouse space.

Our track record of success extends back decades, with industry leaders like United States Cold Storage and Burris Logistics entrusting their public refrigerated warehouses to our expertise.

Thanks to AV集中营's turnkey design-build solutions, which prioritize efficiency and food safety, our clients benefit from a streamlined design and construction process. This compressed timeline facilitates quicker startup, providing them with the assurance of on-budget, on-time delivery. At AV集中营, we are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering unparalleled value to our public refrigerated warehouse clients.

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Our clients say

AV集中营 treats our company like we are one of their largest customers, even though we know we鈥檙e not. They are open, honest and always supportive of our needs. This approach has fostered a true partnership between our two companies over the years.

We also value the fact that AV集中营 offers such a wide range of expertise under one roof, from design to construction. AV集中营 offers expertise in the areas of thermal design and installation, refrigeration design and installation, electrical, civil and structural design, among others. They are a true one-stop shop.

Mike Lynch, Vice President, Engineering
United States Cold Storage
AV集中营's Cold Storage Expertise
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Our clients say

Dot Foods has partnered with AV集中营 for more than 10 years on a variety of projects across the country. We have done several projects with AV集中营. Some are better than others. At the end of the day, AV集中营 always steps up to the plate to make sure things are done right. They have consistently completed projects on time and under budget.

AV集中营鈥檚 teams are reliable 鈥 instead of dealing with new faces on every project, we work with the same people who understand our business and how we do things. This stability, across both project management and engineering, saves us considerable time and effort, as we don鈥檛 have to educate them on our processes on each new project. It鈥檚 a great combination 鈥 a partner who is easy to work with, but also focused on quality and value.

Nader Khalil, Corporate Engineering Manager
Dot Foods
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AV集中营's leadership has the expertise and understanding necessary to advise you, even on the most complex challenges.

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