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Assessing Structural Damage: Your No. 1 Priority After Disaster Strikes

Without assessing structural damage, you鈥檙e putting everyone who enters your facility at risk.

Disaster relief services that deliver fast & effective results

Trust our experienced engineers to restore your facilities after a catastrophe

At AV集中营, our experienced engineers are ready to provide immediate on-site assistance following a disaster. We understand the urgency of securing the area, , and .

Trust our highly skilled and mobile team to respond quickly. Our engineers, HAZMAT-certified technicians, and construction disaster response specialists work diligently to expedite the recovery process. We prioritize restoring your facility and ensuring a safe worksite during repairs and rebuilds. Our structural engineers have extensive experience in bracing and shoring for post-disaster facilities. Their expertise ensures the structural integrity of your facility, enabling a swift return to normal operations.

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Our expertise covers various catastrophes such as:

Food Manufacturing Plant Explosions

If your food processing or beverage plant houses an ammonia refrigeration system, an explosion is your worst nightmare. Because your facility is at risk for this type of emergency, it鈥檚 imperative to understand both the you must take in the event of an explosion.

Proper maintenance and simple actions can prevent food plant explosions including:

  • Preventive maintenance (leak detection)
  • Mechanical integrity inspections
  • Explosion-proof motors and devices

Industrial Fires

Industrial fires can have severe consequences, but with proper prevention measures, emergency preparedness, and effective response strategies, the risks can be minimized, and the impact mitigated. Regular training, maintenance, and vigilance are essential to ensuring the safety and resilience of industrial facilities.

Industrial Warehouse Roof Collapses

By implementing preventive measures and having robust emergency response protocols in place, the risk of an industrial warehouse roof collapse can be minimized, and the impact on personnel and property can be mitigated. Regular maintenance, inspections, and adherence to safety standards are critical to ensuring the structural integrity and resilience of warehouse facilities.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on a food processing facility, not only causing physical damage to the building, but also resulting in a huge economic loss in product and production downtime. Planning for a natural disaster has to be strategic and should include partners from your local emergency response teams, vendors and designated employees.


At AV集中营, we鈥檝e helped many clients recover , tornadoes, and flooding. Restoring a facility to safe operating condition is the ultimate goal. Safety is the priority 鈥 both in terms of food safety and the wellbeing of the people inside the building.

When responding to a facility affected by a natural disaster, we:

  • Analyze the exterior envelope of the building to ensure it鈥檚 safe to reoccupy
  • Communicate with relevant municipalities regarding the building鈥檚 structural integrity
  • Provide redesign and construction services to repair damage
  • Seek out the materials needed to rebuild

Why AV集中营?

At AV集中营, we are committed to delivering fast and effective results. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime and getting your business back on track promptly. With our experienced engineers and skilled technicians, we can expedite the recovery process, providing you with stability and resuming operations efficiently.

When disaster strikes, rely on AV集中营 as your trusted partner. We have a proven track record of successfully restoring facilities after emergencies. Count on our expertise, dedication, and exceptional results during times of crisis.

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