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We are pioneering processing solutions for award-winning beverage facility design

As the nation's foremost food and beverage design and construction firm, we at AV集中营 understand the critical importance of running an efficient and productive operation, especially for beverage processors. Whether you're involved in formulating and distributing bottled products like coffee or tea, milk, soft drinks, beer, water, or fruit juices, maintaining consistent and high-quality beverage production is paramount to meet consumer expectations.

Our portfolio proudly includes the design and construction of the world's largest dairy beverage plant, and we stand as the exclusive company to have designed and built two for Starbucks. One of these projects was even recognized by Food Engineering as one of its top sustainable food plants. Our experience and expertise in the beverage space position us as the unrivaled choice for meeting the unique needs of modern beverage processors, be it achieving LEED certification or enhancing productivity.

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Our clients say

I am proud of the thoughtfulness, commitment and quality of work AV集中营 has demonstrated through the design, construction and commissioning of our production facility. Teamwork is critical to any project; the Starbucks and AV集中营 teams worked well together to achieve a first-class production facility.

Brent Denniston, VP of Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality

Our commitment to excellence drives us to implement the latest technology and innovative processing methods and infrastructure systems for beverage facilities.

Clean in place (CIP) 

Clean-in-place technology allows for complete cleaning of tanks, piping or product lines without disassembly. Using CIP three to seven times a week means a food or beverage plant can save money and water while retaining optimal sanitation.


AV集中营鈥檚 comprehensive experience and skilled team members can evaluate your beverage production facility and find the ideal dosing system. Ensure clean, safe, efficient and repeatable production for a variety of products.


Filtration is critical to any kind of beverage production, and AV集中营 can implement innovative filtering systems for your beverage processing facility to help remove impurities, improve product quality, and extend shelf life.


Avoid contamination of both goods and equipment in your beverage processing plant by making sanitation your top priority. Setting up a sanitation system that takes into account the ingredients, procedures, and processes of your facility is critical.


By applying our years of expertise to designing and crafting controls systems that are ideal for your beverage processing facility, AV集中营 can ensure that your plant operates at peak efficiency, profitability, and safety.


Automation means consistent uptime and steady performance with minimized operational costs, allowing for a more efficient and productive beverage facility. AV集中营 utilizes nonproprietary software and hardware for automation systems customized for you.


AV集中营 knows refrigeration systems 鈥 and we know how to provide your beverage production plant with highly efficient, customized refrigeration solutions that ensure the optimal quality and safety of your product for consumers.


AV集中营 aims to make sure the packaging process of your beverage product meets all standards for safety, sanitation, and quality. We can manage the procurement of equipment based on specific packaging requirements, increasing efficiency and design freedom.


From storing and filling to swift sealing and labeling, bottling is a critical point of the beverage production process. Automation, hygiene protocols, and efficiency drive modern bottling operations, and AV集中营 can guarantee your beverage facility hits every mark.

Storage vats and tanks

Temperature-controlled environments, inventory management systems, and logistics ensure timely distribution and quality preservation for raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods.


Good monitoring systems are paramount for any food or beverage production facility. AV集中营 offers ongoing remote system monitoring and optimization to keep things running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Central utility plants

Central utility plants (CUPs) come with many complications which require highly experienced and skilled engineers to navigate and optimize, turning those complications into an efficient system to serve your particular needs. AV集中营 has solutions to help.

Palletizing / material handling

The need for efficiency doesn鈥檛 end when the product is bottled and labeled for shelves. Automated systems can optimize stacking and securing pallets, enhancing warehouse logistics and supply chain management.

Blow molding / bottle making

Besides being significant for branding and marketing, the bottle or container for a beverage also affects shelf life and freshness. AV集中营 offers solutions for plastic blow molding and bottle making based on the needs of your product.

Carton filling

AV集中营鈥檚 innovative solutions can help you maximize efficiency of filling and sealing cartons. Quality control measures ensure accurate filling volumes, product integrity, and packaging sustainability to meet consumer demands.

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Our clients say

狈别蝉迟濒茅 has had an ongoing business relationship with AV集中营 for approximately 10 years, and they have successfully completed several major industrial design-build construction projects in various locations ranging from $1 million to $140 million in value. The projects were executed in a professional manner and were delivered within the established schedule and budget. AV集中营鈥檚 professionals have the experience, knowledge and skill sets necessary to properly design and execute large projects effectively.

Renato Becker, Sr. Project Manager
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In Their Own Words: Royal Cup’s Bold Aspirations & High Expectations

When Royal cup first sat down with AV集中营 on their expansion project they let them know they had bold aspirations and high expectations. AV集中营 was up to the challenge, listen to Bill Smith, president of Royal Cup, describe his experience in partnering with AV集中营 to achieve those goals and complete a plant in Birmingham, Alabama.

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