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Food Facility Efficiency: Assessments 101

When did you last assess your facility? Discover inefficiencies and optimization opportunities with a comprehensive analysis.

Food & beverage manufacturing construction

As one of the premier food processing design-build firms globally, AV集中营 offers an unparalleled array of self-performed services to our clients. With our team of experts cross-trained in all market segments, we diligently incorporate insights and best practices from various industries to deliver the most exceptional facility possible, covering aspects such as food safety, innovation, and production rates. We are your dedicated partner in constructing state-of-the-art, custom-built spaces that not only meet industry regulations but also foster innovation, efficiency, and the highest standards of quality.

The food, beverage and distribution markets we serve.

From meat processing and cold storage to ready-to-eat food processing and manufacturing plants, we specialize in state-of-the-art facilities that meet the unique requirements of your business. At AV集中营, we understand that the heart of every food and beverage manufacturing business lies in its facility. We are your dedicated partner in constructing state-of-the-art, custom-built spaces that not only meet industry regulations but also foster innovation, efficiency, and the highest standards of quality.

Bakery Processing Plant Construction

Wrap, sort, stack, and process your baked goods with the high-tech efficiency provided by AV集中营 expertise and engineering. We can serve  high-volume standard or specialty bakery markets including gluten-free, organic, gourmet and artisan goods, and our solutions range from minor renovations to full design-builds for processing plants and more.

Beef/Pork Processing Plant Construction

Keeping up with the standards of efficiency, quality, safety, and sustainability expected in the meat processing industry isn鈥檛 enough 鈥 AV集中营 aims to ensure facilities processing pork and beef stay ahead of the curve. With a long legacy of innovation in the market, we can streamline and improve every point of the meat processing operation.

Beverage Processing Plant Construction

AV集中营 can help you formulate, process, and distribute bottled products like coffee or tea, milk, soft drinks, beer, water, or fruit juices, and we can do it with maximum efficiency and consideration for safety, quality, and sanitation. Our considerable experience in building for the beverages market means we can meet every one of your unique needs.

Dairy Processing Plant Construction

Extensive and ever-evolving requirements within the dairy processing industry can be difficult to navigate, but AV集中营鈥檚 extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technologies can ensure all requirements are met. Whether you鈥檙e processing dairy for packaged fluid milk, cream, yogurt, butter, cheese, milk powders, or more, AV集中营 can help built efficient, safe, high-quality equipment to help you.

Pet Food Processing Plant Construction

The pet food market is growing, and with that growth comes changes and innovations in processing and manufacturing plant technologies. We can apply our years of experience in plant design and construction to the entire journey of designing, building, and maintaining your pet food facility so that you can keep up with consumer demands and remain on the cutting edge.

Poultry Processing Plant Construction

Guaranteeing safety and sanitation in poultry processing plants is critical to preventing cross-contamination, which is why AV集中营 applies its uncompromising food safety standards to every step of the operation. Optimize your poultry processing facilities with AV集中营鈥檚 innovative solutions and years of experience.

Prepared Foods Processing Plant Construction

As with all food processing, strict adherence to sanitary guidelines is a necessity in the prepared foods market. The adept AV集中营 team can tackle all the unique challenges that come with the ready-to-eat or prepared food market, and can use our expertise to design and build prepared food production facilities, research & development centers, refrigerated warehouses, and more.

Seafood Processing Plant Construction

In order to achieve a high quality product that鈥檚 safe for consumers, time and temperature are uniquely critical factors in seafood processing. The skilled AV集中营 team can utilize our deep understanding of the necessities of seafood processing to optimize your facilities for peak sanitation and efficiency, whether it鈥檚 a complete design-build project or renovations and alterations.

Food Beverage Facility Design

Food & beverage facility planning, design and construction services

Our reputation for excellence has earned the trust of industry titans like Starbucks, Nestle, and Pinnacle Foods, who rely on us to provide the most efficient and effective process and packaging lines in the world.

Industrial food production facility site selection services

There are a lot of variables in play when building a new industrial food plant, and site selection is one of the most important decisions you鈥檒l make. Geographical logistics, environmental impacts, local labor market, government incentives and regulations, new build or retrofit, etc.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) in food plant design-build

A building鈥檚 design, construction and operation produce data that comprise a complex puzzle 鈥 BIM helps solve it allowing food processing facilities to make better decisions during design review.

Process engineering services for food manufacturing facilities

For peak optimization and streamlining your production line 鈥 including process, packaging, and automation 鈥 informed process engineering from experts in the field is a must.

Automating food and beverage packaging processes to improve efficiency

With proper automation, your processing facility can see more efficiency, fewer errors, optimized resources, and a more consistent product that always meets consumer demands.

Food processing plant construction expertise

As everyone knows, getting the right team for any project is critical for that project鈥檚 success. Matching teams to certain markets, services, and jobs ensures a smooth, efficient, and rewarding process.

How to maximize efficiency in your food processing plant using big data.

An extraordinarily powerful tool for maximizing efficiency is on that food companies already own: their data. However, there's a big difference between simply collection data and leveraging it to take your business to new heights.

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