Bell & Evans Chicken Harvesting Facility

Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania
Project Size
411,500 SF
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Awards and Recognition

DBIA Merit Award
2023 Merit Award
Design Build Institute of America
Food Engineering Project Of The Year Win 2022
2022 Food Plant of the Year

Food Engineering Magazine

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Excellence in Construction Eagle Awad
ABC Florida First Coast

Design and construction of an award-winning greenfield organic and humane chicken harvesting facility. Chickens are received, fully processed, packaged and shipped from this facility using state of the art technology including sustainability practices. Live chickens arrive in air-cooled trucks in automated containers that are designed for comfortable transport and easy cleaning. The live receiving area is bathed in blue light that calms the birds as they enter the facility. From there they enter the harvesting and processing areas, which are finished in European style vertical fiber acid brick floor and Bolidt flooring. UV lights inside the HVAC system helps eliminate bacterial and viral growth.

The production areas and warehouse are cooled using an ammonia refrigeration system. All product waste flows via underground piping to the newly constructed Offal Building (built by AV集中营) for screening and then flows to the new wastewater facility constructed by the owner. This reconditioned water is then used where possible.

Bell & Evans鈥 headquarters was moved into this new building along with employee welfare spaces. This scope includes executive offices, administrative offices, reception area, mother鈥檚 room, dispensary, training room, conference room and office support spaces. The parking lot is well-lighted and includes an 80-foot tall flag pole.

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Client Testimonial

It was our goal to never use the pandemic as an excuse for schedule delays as we worked to bring Scott Sechler's vision for the next stage of the business to life. AV集中营 matched our commitment to accomplish this project, despite the obstacles that emerged amid the pandemic. The AV集中营 team adapted, overcame and kept the project moving forward.

Mike Bracrella, Chief Operating Officer
Bell & Evans

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Inside the Award-Winning Bell & Evans Organic Chicken Harvesting Facility

A case study on the design, construction, and philosophy of this one-of-a-kind plant.

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