Borland Groover Clinic

Orange Park, FL
Project Size
27,368 SF
Completion Year
Borland Groover OP Exterior
Borland Groover OP Bays
Borland Groover OP Lobby
Borland Groover OP Nurse Station
Borland Groover OP Wellness
Borland Groover OP Breakroom
Borland Groover OP Wellness 2
Borland Groover OP Surgical Room 2
Borland Groover OP Bays 2
Borland Groover OP Bays Hall
Borland Groover OP Bay Room 22
Borland Groover OP Treatment Room 2
Borland Groover OP Treatment Room
Borland Groover OP Nurse Station 2
Borland Groover OP Checkin
Borland Groover OP Checkin 2
Borland Groover OP Lobby Checkin
Borland Groover OP Lobby 2
Borland Groover OP Lobby Elevator
Borland Groover OP Consult Room
Borland Groover OP Consult Room 2
Borland Groover OP Lab
Borland Groover OP Lab 2
Borland Groover OP Industrial Sink
Borland Groover OP Lockers
Borland Groover OP Prep
Borland Groover OP Bathroom
Borland Groover OP Bathroom 2
Borland Groover OP Surgical Room
Borland Groover OP Office
Borland Groover OP Elevator
Borland Groover OP Exterior Angle
Borland Groover OP Exterior Ramp

The Ambulatory Surgical Center (AHCA) is the transformation of a notable 27,368-square-foot building into a state-of-the-art medical facility meticulously designed to cater to the growing needs of the healthcare sector. This ambitious project entailed the full-scale renovation of the property, which now features a first-floor Ambulatory Surgical Center, certified by AHCA, alongside a second-floor Clinic Space, expanding the realm of quality patient care and medical excellence.

The newly established first-floor Ambulatory Surgical Center is an embodiment of modern medical engineering. It comprises four cutting-edge Procedure Rooms and a fully equipped Operating Room, further complemented by a dedicated Scope Processing Room tailored for enhanced operational efficiency following an owner-driven redesign and the expansion of water softener capacity. This thoughtful redesign signifies our commitment to providing spaces that are functional and equipped to meet the stringent demands of healthcare provision.

Elevating patient experience on the second floor, the clinic boasts an inviting Infusion Space, 29 Exam Rooms, and 15 Doctor's Offices, crafted to ensure comfort and privacy. Adding insulation in second-floor exam rooms highlights our approach to creating an environment conducive to patients and healthcare professionals. To meet the facility's specific needs, various upgrades were incorporated, including the installation of Humidity Sensors, an Infusion Room Door, Door Hardware Revisions, and the integration of advanced Nurse Call Devices, showcasing our dedication to leveraging technology for improved patient care.

A notable feature of this project is the attention to safety and regulation compliance, as demonstrated by the maintenance and upgrading of the Stormwater Dry Retainage Basin to meet current codes. This ensures the project's environmental sustainability and highlights our commitment to exceeding regulatory expectations.

Further enhancing the facility's safety measures, a 2nd Floor Overflow Area Rated Window was added, underscoring our focus on creating a secure and compliant healthcare environment. Each aspect of this renovation, from the practical to the technical, was executed precisely, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and regulatory adherence.

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