Jacksonville University Botts Hall

Jacksonville, FL
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74,400 SF
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JU Botts Hall
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Constructed in 1967, the Botts Hall Complex stood as a testament to enduring architectural design, originally featuring a fully-equipped kitchen in its basement and three connected four-story dormitories, all united by open-air breezeways. Over time, the complex evolved into a diverse area comprised of Johnson Hall, Botts Hall, D-wing, Athletic Offices, and a basement/mechanical room, spanning an impressive 51,990 square feet with an additional 7,300 square feet of basement space.

Upon the completion of an ambitious renovation project, the Botts Hall Complex features a total of 168 modern dorm rooms. This transformation was a nod to a commitment to innovation and a dedication to quality living spaces for residents. The renovation plans were meticulous in detail, including the introduction of ADA-compliant shower and toilet facilities, study areas, and lounges across the second to fourth floors. The ground floor welcomed a newly conceived RA apartment, support staff offices, a lounge, and a communal kitchen designed to serve as the heart of student interaction, blending convenience with community.

Every corner of the complex was carefully considered, with upgrades to flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and the mechanical system鈥攁ll designed to significantly enhance the living experience. The vision was to redefine student housing by combining contemporary comforts with a rich heritage, making the Botts Hall Complex not just a place to stay but a place to live and grow.

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